California Soft Spinal System

The prefabricated California Spinal System?has been designed to alleviate pain, limit undesirable motion, and provide circumferential pressure to stabilize the spine. The basic system is a modular spinal [orthosis] with rigid components inside a soft and comfortable interface. Indicated for spinal problems between L3 and S1, it is a supportive, time efficient, comfortable alternative to hard shell custom spinal systems. The orthosis can be effective for more superior spinal problems between T7 and L3, by adding either an anterior, posterior, or combined upper thoracic component. All components can be retrofitted, and are modular and interchangeable. Velcro?attachable lateral stabilizing supports are also available when more control of lateral flexion and rotation is needed. The anterior and posterior ABS modular components can be heated and flared to provide a more intimate fit.


  • X-ray compatible
  • Strapping arrangement provides easy-to-adjust compression, even for geriatric patients
  • Pre-formed ABS [plastic] neutral or pendulous anterior insert panel, [15 degrees] neutral or 0 degrees posterior insert panels
  • All components predrilled for retrofitting and interchangeability
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable foam wicks away moisture from patient? skin for increased comfort
  • Available prefabricated and custom-to-measurements
  • Also available with compound closure system

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