Flat Foot

Fallen arches? Weak arches? There's no need to suffer discomfort; our arch supports / foot supports are biomechanically engineered for maximum relief of pain. A symtom to watch for is abnormal shoe wear. People with flat feet typically break down the inside wall of the shoes at the heel and outside of the forefoot area. Our arch supports / foot supports can prevent this. A normal arch will function as shock absorber for the whole body. Each time we take a step we place up to 5 times our body weight on the foot; this depends on whether we are walking, running or jumping. Without a shock abosorber the force of each step would eventually fracture or dislocate the bones of the foot.If left untreated, flat feet and fallen arches can lead to a completely collapsed foot, which will not work as a shock absorber at all, causing constant pain in the foot, knee, hip and lower back.
Our arch supports / foot supports are extremely comfortable, yet rigid enough to provide the necessary support to prevent further collapse.

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